Inspirational Family Radio is a network of independently owned stations in Idaho with headquarters located in Boise.

KBXL Weekday Programs

12:00 amNew Life LiveSteve Arterburn
1:00 amNightsoundsBill Pearce
1:30 amFamily TalkDr. James Dobson
2:00amInsight for LivingChuck Swindoll
2:30 amLove Worth FindingAdrian Rogers
3:00 amTurning PointDr. David Jeremiah
3:30 amTreasures of TruthRick DeMichele
3:45 amFaith ForwardDavid Ax
4:00 amHeritage Bible RadioJim Harris
4:15 amRunning to WinErwin Lutzer
4:30 amFamily Life TodayDave and Ann Wilson
5:00 amTruth for LifeAlistair Begg
5:30 amInsight for LivingChuck Swindoll
6:00 amGrace to YouJohn MacArthur
6:30 amThru the BibleJ. Vernon McGee
7:00 amTurning PointDr. David Jeremiah
7:30 amFocus on the FamilyJim Daly
8:00 amThe Gospel for LifeTreasure Valley Pastors
8:15 amRunning to WinErwin Lutzer
8:30 amHeritage Bible RadioJim Harris
8:45 amLife PointTom Dougherty
9:00 amDestined for VictoryPaul Sheppard
9:30 amFamily Life TodayDave and Ann Wilson
10:00 amSekulowJay and Jordan Sekulow
10:30 amAbide in TruthMike Hughes
10:45 amTreasures of TruthRick DeMichele
11:00 amNew Life LiveSteve Arterburn
11:55 amBreakpointStonestreet
12:00 pmThe Bread of LifeJoel Van Hoogen
12:15 pmHold FastMartin Sondermann
12:30 pmReal Life RadioJack Hibbs
1:00 pmRevive Our HeartsNancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
1:30 pmRunning to WinErwin Lutzer
2:00 pmFaith and FinanceRob West
2:30 pmTruth for LifeAlistair Begg
3:00 pmThe Narrow PathSteve Gregg
3:30 pmA New BeginningGreg Laurie
4:00 pmRestart HopeJoel Sikha
4:15 pmSimply the BibleDaryl Zachman
4:30 pmLeading the WayDr. Michael Yousseff
5:00 pmFaith ForwardDavid Ax
5:15 pmTreasures of TruthRick DeMichele
5:30 pmToday in the WordBob Larson
5:45 pmAbide in TruthMike Hughes
6:00 pmFamily TalkDr. James Dobson
6:30 pmFocus on the FamilyJim Daly
7:00 pmAdventures in OdysseyFocus on the Family
7:30 pmInsight for LivingChuck Swindoll
8:00 pmLove Worth FindingAdrian Rogers
8:25 pmSharing HopeJoni Eareckson Tada
8:30 pmMoving ForwardDr. Stephen Rummage
9:00 pmThru the BibleJ. Vernon McGee
9:30 pmTruth for LifeAlistair Begg
10:00 pmHope in the NightJune Hunt
11:00 pmThe Narrow PathSteve Gregg