Bread of Life
Bread of Life
The Word Made Flesh Pt. 2


In the quest for a personal relationship with anyone, there comes a time when you’ve got to get beyond mere words; texting isn’t enough, emailing isn’t enough. Pen pals can only go so far; talking on the phone can only go so far. Eventually, the test of intimacy is to meet face-to-face, where words become embodied in people, in the flesh. That’s the test as to whether it was all talk, all high-minded notions, or whether it was real or not. God knows this and so God became flesh and lived with us so that we could know something more about Him than just words. So that we could have a personal relationship with Himself.


Bread of Life is a ministry of Joel Van Hoogen and the Bread of Life Fellowship in Boise. You can tune in each weekday at 12:00 pm to listen.

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