Teacher and the Preacher
Tribute to Charlie

July 19, 2015

Dave McGarrah and Charlie Schiffman are the hosts of the program Teacher and the Preacher which air each Sunday at 10:30am and 7:30pm. The Christian Preacher Dave McGarrah and the Jewish Teacher Charlie Schiffman meet each weekend to discuss recent issues and bring there own unique insights into this Judeo-Christian discussion.

We here at KBXL are sad to say that on Tuesday, July 14, 2015, Charlie Schiffman died suddenly at age 69. The cause was said to be a heart attack and he was buried Wednesday in Jerusalem.

Our Prayers go out to Charlie Schiffman’s family and to Dave McGarrah and his family as well. Charlie is survived by his wife, Marsha Weil Schiffman; his mother, Ethel Schiffman; his daughter, Nili Isenberg; a sister, Celia Goldstein Fried; and two grandchildren. May the Lord extend an extra measure of his grace and comfort to the Family and Friends survived by Charlie.