The Teacher and the Preacher
The Teacher and the Preacher
The People of Israel and the Land of Israel: A Match Made in Heaven

God’s first command to Abraham was to journey to the Land of Israel. Ever since the people of Israel and the Land of Israel have been inseparable. This deep connection is unlike any other and is embedded in thousands of places throughout the Bible. We’ll take you on a biblical and historical tour of this miraculous love affair between the Jewish people and the Holy Land.

The Teacher and the Preacher is a weekly radio program–hosted by Dave McGarrah, Senior Pastor at Deer Flat Church in Caldwell, Idaho, and Harold Berman of Efrat, Israel–that airs each Sunday at 10:30 am and 7:30 pm here on 94.1 The Voice KBXL and also on Sunday evenings at 5 pm on our sister station 790 KSPD. They are a unique phenomenon on the airwaves – a Christian and a Jew in an ongoing dialogue – celebrating the many commonalities but never shying away from the differences. They offer their listeners insights into each other’s faiths that don’t come up much elsewhere, that can only come through sincere conversation. The weekly discussion is more than a program about a topic; it’s a demonstration of how God can bring two people together from 9,000 miles away to bridge the differences, learn from each other, and strengthen their own faiths.

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