The Gospel for Life
The Gospel for Life
The Gospel's Response to Shame - Part 5

Shame can come in many different forms; insecurity, guilt, regret, and so on. Shame can become so engrained in our identity that we no longer believe we are adequate before God. How do we begin unwinding the vastness of our shame? We turn to the Gospel for answers! The Pastors continue their series by looking over the evidence provided in God’s Word for an answer to the shame, insecurity, and guilt that plagues every human being.

About Gospel for Life

Join a group of Treasure Valley pastors, all committed to showing that the Gospel is not just for the religious part of your life. Rather, it is for all of life. Tune in Monday through Friday at 8 am to hear Josh Bales, Russell Herman, Jonathan Van Hoogen, and Phil Moran as they teach you how to make the Gospel the forefront of your life!

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