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Heritage Bible Radio
The Golden Rule - Part 4

Heritage Bible Radio is a Ministry of Heritage Bible Church where Jim Harris is the teaching pastor. You can join Jim each weekday at 4 am, 8:30 am, and on Sunday at 7:15 am. Every day Jim works to devote his radio time to some portion of the Word of God so you can know God and serve him better.

This week on Heritage Bible Radio, Pastor Jim will continue in the Gospel of Matthew with the Sermon on the Mount, where Pastor Jim will touch on chapter 7:12 also known as the Golden Rule. There were many sayings like the Golden Rule, before Jesus mentioned it on The Sermon on the Mount, however, Jesus provided a new version of the famous saying. In Jesus’s new version, He provides a more positive tone and ensures that the rule can be used for benefiting everyone, rather than self satisfaction. Please join Pastor Jim as he teaches on the Golden Rule.

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