Extra with Doug Hardy
Extra with Doug Hardy
The First Spin-Off Starring Mark Renick!

It’s Wednesday and Mark Renick is in from IMSI Hope Community Phase II. Doug and Mark are talking about the “Radical changes in Idaho prison life underway”. Kevin Kempf is the Idaho Department of Corrections Director and looking to change the prison system in Idaho. For most prisoners in Idaho, life behind bars doesn’t mirror life and Kevin Kempf is looking to change that by providing an environment where every prisoner is working or learning.

Announcement: Mark is beginning his own radio show! The first spin-off of Extra, Mark is going to be hosting Victory Over Sin. On Victory Over Sin Mark will be looking to expound and dive into the issues that face offenders and those in prison. The first show will air Saturday, December 10th, at 6:30PM.

Connect with Mark:
IMSI Hope Community Phase II – imsihopecommunityphaseii.com
IMSI on Facebook – facebook.com/IMSIHopeCommunity
Give Mark a call at (208)-629-8861

Today Doug is also playing some new Christmas music from Amy Grant!

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