Game Plan For Life
Game Plan For Life
The Centenarian Diet with Dr. SeAnne Safaii-Waite

This week Skip is learning the secret to live to 100 years old. Dr. SeAnne Safaii-Waite is Co-Founder of Nutrition and Wellness Associates and is Associate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Idaho. She is a nutrition communications professional, a registered dietitian and educator. SeAnne, with her partner Sue Linja, has worked hard to develop a repertoire of recommendations from centenarians (those who live to 100) on diet, eating behaviors and physical activity, and share these recommendations in her writings and presentations.

You can learn about Dr. SeAnne and her work at

Skip and Dr. SeAnne also talk about Alzheimer’s Prevention and if your interested in learning more you can check out “The Alzheimer’s Prevention Food Guide”