The Gospel for Life
The Gospel for Life
Responding to Conflict Biblically - Part 11

Just as Christ saved us from sin, we as Christians are called to respond to conflict just as Christ did for us. Easier said than done right? We are basically asking you to respond to conflict that is completely opposite to the way the rest of the world responds to conflict. Being in conflict with someone is never fun, but it must be resolved. How do we do that biblically? The Pastors begin a new series using the writings of Ken Sande to discuss how we can resolve conflict just as the Bible intended.

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Join a group of Treasure Valley pastors, all committed to showing that the Gospel is not just for the religious part of your life. Rather, it is for all of life. Tune in Monday through Friday at 8 am to hear Russell Herman, Jonathan Van Hoogen, Vinnie Hanke, and Ryan Hemphill as they teach you how to make the Gospel the forefront of your life!

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