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The Teacher and the Preacher


The Teacher and the Preacher is a radio program hosted by Dave McGarrah, Senior Pastor at Deer Flat Church in Caldwell, Idaho, and Harold Berman of Efrat, Israel. As a devout Christian pastor in Idaho and a faithful Orthodox Jew in Israel, bound together by a love of God’s word, the two hosts discuss a plethora of topics: the full range of the Bible, critical issues in our society, Israel, ideas for living a better life, and the questions their listeners bring to them. If it’s about God and His world, it’s a topic for The Teacher and the Preacher.

The Teacher and the Preacher airs Sundays at 10:30 am and 7:30 pm, and also on Sunday at 5 pm on our sister station KSPD 790 AM.

Learn more about The Teacher and the Preacher and Master-Minded Ministries.

Episode List

Archeology and the Bible (with Aaron Lipkin)

Digging Up Biblical Evidence (with Ryan Mauro)

An Analysis of Ezekiel 38 (with Elliot Chodoff)

Israel Update (with Elliot Chodoff)

What is Yom Kippur?

Renewing Ourselves and the World

(Re)Introducing The Teacher and the Preacher

What’s Your Favorite Show?

Samson – The Jewish Hercules? – Part 2

Samson – The Jewish Hercules? – Part 1

Judges Part 3 – Deborah the Prophetess

Judges Part 2- Ehud, the Southpaw

(Almost) Live from Jerusalem – Part 2

(Almost) Live from Jerusalem – Part 1

The End of Roe v. Wade: What Now?

Israel Update: Never A Dull Moment

The Power of Easter

Passover: 3,000 Years In The Making

Egypt and Israel: A Modern Miracle

Gender and Genesis: A Modern Day Dilemma

Faith vs. Works: Why We Need Both

In God’s Name: Discovering Biblical Secrets

Celebrating 2021

The Christmas Story

The Strange Lineage of the Messiah

Talking Turkey (with Elliot Chodoff)

The Miracles of Hanukkah

Israel Underground

Mosaic Law

Sitting Sheva (with Jonathan Feldstein)

The Bible’s Recipe for Coming Clean Before God

How Well Do We Know God?

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Is God Good?

The Day God Gave The Torah at Mount Sinai

Israel Under Fire – Special Update

Discovering the Bible’s Animals

The Death Of Morality

A Miracle in Progress

Behind The Scenes On The Israeli Kibbutz

Bob O’Dell

Peggy Goldman

The Current State of Israel

Jonathan Feldstein

Lee Pollock – Part 2

Lee Pollock – Part 1

The Real Israel

Avi Abelow

Randy Kesler – Part 2

Randy Kesler – Part 1

Why Remember The Holocaust?

Prayer Or Action



Biblical View of Grace

Sabbath and Shabbat

The Yearly Cycle of Torah Reading

Mosaic Law

Retrospective With Joe Gonzales

Aaron Lipkin – Part 2

Aaron Lipkin – Part 1

Irving Roth – Part 2

Irving Roth – Part 1

Francis Bok – Part 2

Francis Bok – Part 1

Holy Days

Gil Troy – McGill University

Ryan Mauro

Nissim Black

Dr. Charles Jacobs

Jonathan Feldstein

Rabbi Chaim Richman

Elliot Chodoff – Part 2

Elliot Chodoff – Part 1

The Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Pesach Wolicki – Part 2

Pesach Wolicki – Part 1


Randy Neal

Ruta Vanagaite – part 2

Dr. Efraim Zuroff and Ruta Vanagaite

Dr. Efraim Zuroff

Joshua Berman

Sam Grundwerg

Dr. Yitz Glick

Mois Navon – part 2

Mois Navon – part 1

Michael Freund

Coronavirus and Politics

Ryan Mauro – Part 2

Ryan Mauro – Part 1

Celebrating Purim

Israel’s Elections

Israel’s Place in the World Today

Role of a Rabbi

Avi Abelow

Trump Peace Plan

Gidon Ariel – Part 2

Gidon Ariel – Part 1

Judea and Samaria


A Teacher And Preacher Reunion

Christmas And Hanukkah

Rabbi Michael Freud

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki – Part 2

Rabbi Binny Freedman

The Story Of Noah

Lauren Isaacs

Christianity In America

Jewish Christian Relationships

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki

The Feast Of Tabernacles

Elections In Israel

Yom Kippur And Sukkot

Rosh Hashanah

The Temple Mount

Bob O’Dell



The Month Of Elul

Tisha B’av

Ardie Geldman


Sondra Baras

Christians United For Israel

Why Israel Should Matter To Christians

Rabbi Lifshitz

Bridges For Peace

Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg – Part 2

Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg


Israel Update

Special Guest Seth Davis – Part 2

Special Guest Seth Davis – Part 1


Special Guest Dennis Avi Lipkin

Special Guest Kay Wilson – Part 2

Special Guest Kay Wilson – Part 1

Do Christians and Jews Need Each Other?

Moses’s Lifelong Problem

Special Guest – Mois Navon Pt. 2

Special Guest – Mois Navon Pt. 1

The Evangelical Church

Special Guest – Dr. Shlomo Pill Pt. 2

Special Guest – Dr. Shlomo Pill Pt. 1

How Israel Blessed the World

Gidon Ariel

Supreme Court and Israeli Government Issues

Dorice Horenstein

Dr. Yitz Glick

Randy Neal and Dr. Colonel Danny Tirza

Jonathan Feldstein

2018: Year in Review

Santa Rick

Jim Long: The Copper Scroll

Dr. Efraim Zuroff: Nazi Hunter

Current Environment in Israel

Jonah Pt. 2

Special Guest Shari Dallinger

Jonah Pt. 1

Hannah and Samuel Pt. 2

News From Israel


Special Guest Itamar Marcus

Dov Litman

Special Guest Rivkah

Yom Kippur

Rosh Hashanah

A Jew Asks Questions About Christianity Pt. 2

Guest Elliot Chadoff

Questions from Jews for Christians

Jews & Christians with Beth and Dave Schafer

CUFI on Capitol Hill

Stay In Touch