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Extra with Doug Hardy


On Extra, Doug Hardy is talking about anything and everything, whether it’s the latest local or national news story, a blog post by a leading Christian thinker, or an interview with a pastor or ministry leader in the Treasure Valley and around the world. You can join Doug every afternoon at 5 PM.

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Episode List

The Funeral of a Non-Believer

Constant State Of Hurry

Don’t Numb Your Feelings

Is Dad OK?

Sins That We Hate To Admit

Keep Praying Diligently

Handling the Elders in Your Family

Get off Your Phones!

Can Our Loved Ones In Heaven Still See Us?

To Seem Like, Or To Be Like

Saved By Grace

Examining Our Priorities

Prayer Requires Discipline

Returning to Church After COVID

30 Reasons Why It’s Great to Be a Pastor

We All Want to Be Important

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Bearing Our Own Burdens

How Your Sins Are Forgiven

Our True Hiding Place

God and Social Media

The State of this Fallen World

Elijah’s Prayer

Be Careful of Small Groups

The Unemployment Crisis

Witnessing to the World

Your Neighbor Is Not a Virus

The “Why Me” Mentality

COVID Didn’t Cause Our Problems

Honor God in All You Do

Remembering Troy Whitton

Teaching A Man To Fish

When Mom Forgot Me

Our Life of Waiting

Who Jesus Was

Recognizing Our Calling

What’s The Latest?

Derek Chauvin Found Guilty

A Great Opportunity For Property Owners

What Do Angels Do?

Masking is Still Chaotic and Confusing

Episode List

784 – Some Thoughts to Start Your 2019

783 – Dave McGarrah – Hanukkah

782 – Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain

781 – The Christian and Joy

780 – Mark Renick – Offender Issues

779 – Veteran’s Day

774 – The Importance of the Local Church

773 – Resource Fair for Prisoners

772 – Prison Issues and Social Media Pressure

771 – The Weight Pastors Carry

770 – Taking God’s Name in Vain

769 – More than Stardust

767 – Contentment

764 – The Seductive Song of Self Pity

763 – Fighting Boredom with the Bible

762 – Rick Elias and His Music

760 – The Theology of Sleep

756 – Casting Anxiety on the Lord

755 – Before the Internet

754 – Wednesdays with Mark Renick

753 – A Discussion with Mark Renick

751 – How to Pray for Your City

749 – Fighting Sin with Greater Joy

748 – God and Country Festival 2018

744 – Choosing Courage Over Outrage

743 – Challenging Common Ideas

742 – The Dignity of Being a Sinner

739 – For the Love of Money…

738 – People Pleasing

733 – Mark Renick on Cory Castro

729 – Don’t Waste Your Ambition

726 – The Importance of Theology

725 – Correction Officers

724 – Render Much?

723 – Pastor Andrew Brunson

722 – Rediscovering the Lost Art of Lament

720 – Safe, Comfortable, and Unhappy

718 – Spitting in God’s Face

717 – To Great Things that Never Came

716 – Why Mister Rogers (Still) Matters

715 – Gray Hair on the Front Lines

714 – Busyness Vs. Fullness

713 – Update on Andrew Brunson

712 – Josh Bales – Shepherds Conference

711 – Keith Twigg – Passion Church

707 – Mark Renick – Offender Issues

706 – Legalism

705 – Defensiveness

704 – Billy Graham’s Memorial Service

703 – Billy Graham’s Casket

700 – Killing Sin and Being New

699 – Kathie Lee Gifford on Billy Graham

698 – Reverend Billy Graham

697 – Why Do I Have to Die?

696 – Are You Living for the Weekend?

695 – Brittany Yost – SAMSON Movie Producer

694 – Farewell to Justin Morris

689 – Rachel Denhollander’s Testimony

687 – Serve Your Creator Throughout Your Life

685 – Too Busy to Love Neighbors

683 – Managing God’s Money

681 – New Mormon Prophet

678 – Fear, Anxiety and Worry in the New Year

677 – Do You Have a Pastor’s Call!?

676 – Mark Renick – Getting Sick in Prison

674 – Mark Renick – Ministry at Max

673 – 4 Times You Can Expect Temptation

672 – A Note from Joni to R.C. Sproul

669 – 8 Ways to Become More Humble

668 – Tim Challies on Sleepovers

667 – The Road I Would Never Choose

666 – The Church Greeting Team

665 – Your Sin Will Not Be Secret Forever

664 – A Celebrate the Light Preview

663 – Our Greatest Chapter

662 – Mark Saw the Coroner

661 – What Makes a Healthy Church?

660 – Just a Little Bit of Keith Green

659 – Some Music for Your Friday

658 – A Beautiful Table but a Bitter Heart

655 – Spiritual Warfare: Real or Not?

654 – Do You Run from the “Black Dog”

653 – Praying for Those That are Lost

651 – Personal Bible Study

648 – Frankly Faraci

647 – More Important Than the Why

646 – Relationship Between Sit and Work

645 – Reformation Boise 500

644 – Goal Setting for 2018

641 – Points of the Reformation

640 – Singing Psalms in Church

639 – What Christians SHOULD Be Protesting

638 – Mark Renick – Life at Felony Flats

637 – Most Influential Websites

636 – Christian Flags at LaRue Schools

635 – Worship is Already in Progress

634 – We Are Glory Thieves

633 – #MeToo

631 – From “Saders” to Nighthawks

630 – Ted and Gayle Haggard – Part 2

629 – Why Church Membership?

626 – Is God Ashamed of You?

625 – Are You Anxious?

624 – Do You Have Panic Attacks?

622 – What Gifts Not to Get Your Pastor

621 – The Legacy of Hugh Hefner

620 – Tom Kraeuter – What is Worship?

618 – Christian Mediation

617 – Why Churches Should Have Membership

616 – Social Media Outrage

615 – Phil Johnson and Jim Harris

613 – When We Don’t Like What the Bible Says

612 – Sheila Leech from Reach Beyond

610 – Mark Renick – What God Does with Our Sin

609 – Pamela Cross from Teen hope

607 – June Hunt – Hope in the Night

606 – What is God Doing in This?

605 – Mark Renick is Back from Florida

601 – The Nashville Statement

599 – Mark Almost Died!

597 – Looking at the Life of Cecil Andrus

595 – The Hate Map

594 – Idolatry of Football

593 – Social Media Lies We Believe

588 – Who Are the Least of These?

587 – Superstitious Christians

585 – John Fugler from Reach Beyond

585 – Jon Fugler from Reach Beyond

584 – The Free Wheelchair Mission

583 – Eugene Peterson is in a Brouhaha

579 – Charles Spurgeon on Children

578 – Tammy Paul and Rod Carr from CCS

577 – Sin is Like Flubber

569 – Otto Warmbier Passes Away

566 – Otto Warmbier Back to US in Coma

563 – When Self-Examination Is Evil

560 – You Are a Goldfish

556 – How Do You Talk About Death?

552 – Life is a Vapor

549 – Trans World Radio – DAY 2

548 – Trans World Radio – DAY 1

544 – Exercise Addiction

543 – Stop Being Busy!

538 – We are Hopelessly Awkward!

532 – Ministry is a Roller Coaster

530 – It’s Tax Day!

528 – It’s Good Friday!

527 – What is Maundy Thursday?

525 – Stephen Baldwin and The Gospel

521 – The Judgement of the Believer

518 – How To Engage with a Witch!

514 – Are You a Facebook Flirter!?

511 – A Machete And A Star Wars Mask

507 – Kenton Lee – The Shoe That Grows

500 – BAD Christian Podcasts

Is Moral Outrage Self Serving?

Are You a Woman Impacted by Incarceration?

No, Saul Actually Did Not Become Paul

An NFL Player Fired from Christian School

A New Hymn for the Reformation

Biblical Responses to Sex Trafficking

A Look at Addiction

Joel Osteen’s New Look

Your Home, Your Borders

Mark Impacts a Cashier

Valentine’s Day

The Ambrose School- Feed the Need

Aretha, the Photobombing Has to Stop…

Who Keeps Photobombing Jesus?

Butch Otter Opens Up About Refugees

False Teachers Have Entered the Church

Voddie Baucham is in Idaho!

Where is the New Generation of Pastors?

Putting the Complications of Tithing to Rest

What is the Myth of Influence??

What is Sanctification?


Mark is in and so is Tom Dougherty

Christian Persecution Hall of Shame Report

William Carey’s 11 Commandments of Missions

Taking an Audit of Your Church For 2017

Andy Stanley is Causing Trouble and Mark’s In

“You killed my Nativity Scene!”

The War on Christmas

Mark Has His First Show in the Books

Christmas Gifts in Outer Space

Suing a Neighbor for Their Christmas Display

It’s Christmas. Keep it Real.

Get Out of Here Charlie Brown!

Victory Over Sin Starring Mark Renick

Are you 65…Well You Are NOT Done!

Five Reasons Preachers Should Listen to Hip Hop

The Christian Church is Exploding in Iran

The First Spin-Off Starring Mark Renick!

Are You Flappable?

Did God Really Tell You Anything?

Mark Renick – Victory of Sin

Battling Depression – Stacy Reaoch

Maturing In Ministry – Kent Hughes

Systemic Change of Idaho with Mark Renick

Margaret Sanger

What Makes A Real Man?

Why Did Spurgeon Die Poor?

Every Generation Is A Sinful Generation!

Mel Gibson’s New Movie Looks Compelling!

The Secret Hours Of Ministry

A Look At Incarceration And The Prison System

Messy Ministry!!

God Sent God

Felons..The Ground Zero Bible And Tidbits!!

Chris and Debbie Clark, Children of the Nations

Getting To The Truth!

A Man Travels 1,000 Miles To Help A Friend

What Do You Think Of The New Ben Hur?

Why Do Pop Stars Die So Young?

Addiction And Ministering To Felons

Which Is More Pathetic..?

Which is More Pathetic….?

What’s Wrong If The Bible Seems Boring?

We Lie To Our Kids!

Piper On Free Will!

You Complete Me… Or Not!!

Don’t Worry be Happy!!

Evangelical Addiction!

Anarchy and The Power Of A Near Miss!

True Fruitfulness in a Church

When You Struggle to Pray and Bill Pubols

A How-To on Being Spiritually Miserable

Flirting with the Idol of Sports

Keith Green and Sabina Wurmbrand

How Do We Comfort Someone Who’s Sick?

Reading Ancient Writers

It’s Independence Day!

A Music Filled Extra

Adventures at the God and Country Festival

Andrew Palau!

Cleveland Gets A Title!

Help With fasting!

Lecrae Is Coming!


Dear Hollywood, Why Do You Want Me Dead?

Jonathan Edwards On A True Work Of God

Conspiracy Theories!!

Cell Phone Battery Anxiety!!


Lecrae Calls In!!

Cleveland! Mark In For Offender Resources

Mark Renick and Sophia Fleming

How to Be Spiritually Miserable

What Makes a Mature Christian?

Some Good Ol’ Tunes

The National Day of Prayer

Digital Addictions

Joy And Steph Curry

Mad Max And Armageddon!

Reaching The Students At BSU!

Jay And Bill From Yellowstone Theology

Pride And Johnny Football


Tips On Visiting The Sick


This Man Can Preach A Little!!

The Longest Movie!!

Tax Day!!

What This Deputy Did Will Surprise You!


When Your Child Is Incarcerated

The Bible Not Welcome In Libraries

The Last Idol!


The Lawless One

Mark Spends Time In Court

Total Depravity On Display At The Pez Co.

Good Friday

Maundy Thursday

It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

Mark Talks About The Challenges Of Parole

Dealing With Frustrations And Disagreement!

Ravi Zacharias Joins Us!

Mark Renick Impacts Boise With Resources!

Dale Stagg With Reach Beyond Australia!

Kids And Sports Idolatry

A Tuesday eXtra

Dale Stagg Calls In From Australia!

Bill Talks About His Debate With Dan Barker!

Bill Pubols Joins Me In Studio!

Mark Discusses Mentoring

Vanity Dies-Denise Lives In Glory!

Embrace Getting Older!

What’s The Deal With Valentines Day?

A Thursday eXtra

A Man Out Of Prison Needs Your Prayers!

How Close Does Your Computer Watch You?

Dealing With Doubt

Justin Talks To Celebrities!

An Important Part of Prayer

Dr. Jay Smith

Dr. Bill Fowler with YTI!

Sugar Beat Factory!

T.V.’s Birthday Plus How To Focus In Prayer!

Who Would jesus Lock Up?

2016 Christian Movies!

More Tips To Be Miserable

A Call From Max And Tips To become Miserable

David Bowie Dies and More On The Lottery!

Mark Needs Pants and Piper on The Lottery

Yet More Resolution Thoughts!


Welcome To 2016!

A Year In Review

Don’t Be A Scrooge This Christmas

Star Wars Spirituality!

A Rough Day In L.A.!

Just A Bit Of James White!

Things To Think About In Preaching The Cross

The Need To Engage!

Have We Become Christian Sam Kinisons?

Scott Weiland Passes Away

Selfish Giving and Self Centered Service

Richard Sterban With The Oak Ridge Boys

Oh xxxxxxxxx Tree!!!!

Does Your Dog Have A Proper Sweater?

Go Broncos

Laura Renick’s Favorite Son!

Jesus Freak Turns 20!

Remembering Austin Hill

Perservere In Preaching

Mark Renick Goes Back To Prison!

How To Love The Weak

A New Show Coming To McCall!

Dogs Doing Time In Max!

Another Yummy Product Might Be Bad For You!

Tomorrow is Reformation Day

How About Fantasy Football?

Hope Community in Max

Is Your Routine An Idol?

Steps To Becoming a False Teacher

Why should you trust the Bible?

Run!!!….and Rest

Idolatry Devastates a Kicker!

Do Your Kids Have Text Neck?

David’s Hope Ministry

Yellowstone Theological Institute Live!

Facebook and the Church

Insanely Awesome Christian Album Covers

Red Flags in Working With Addicts

have you heard the Voice on Vinyl?

The Power of Technology Marketing

7000 Counselors Gather

A love story

Mark’s FB and help for addicts and felons

Blood Moons!

Can you survive a fast between lunch and dinner?

Is a therapeutic community useless?

Your kids are your neighbors!

The desire to be desired and romance novels

Mark Renick and the Struggles of Ministry

How Do You Stay Christian on Campus?


The homeless problem is complicated

Ministry burnout!

How should we read the word in church?

Labor Day

Truth, Logic, Faith and Reason

Prison Ministry

Just Stop It!

Isaac Newton and Prophecy

Friday Misc!

Victory over Sin

Bill Pubols from the Biblical Studies Center

Mark Renick and Family Devotions

The Inconvenience of Ministry

Josh Bales and The Well Christian Academy

News about NNU and Brandi Swindell

Josh Bales and The Well Church

The Sex Offender Issue is Complicated

Andy Stanley Disses Expository Preaching