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Join Pastor Ken Wilde and Winston Sanders as they take up the issues of our nation and the world by applying biblical solutions and prayer to bring hope in the midst of despair. America’s Living Foundations airs every weekday at 1 PM.

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Episode List

How the Coming of Jesus Changed Everything

Managing the Kingdom on Earth

God’s Original Intent

Current World Strategies

Improving Our Political Climate

The Pilgrims Failed Attempt Of Socialism

Evidence That Socialism Does Not Work

Socialism in America is Growing

Remember, Repent, and Return

The Divisions in America Explained

Power Of Prayer – Part 3

Power Of Prayer – Part 2

Power Of Prayer – Part 1

Benny Perez – Part 3

Benny Perez – Part 2

Benny Perez – Part 1

Mark 11: God Cleanses His Temple

Satanic Influence in Current Culture

Current State Of Education In America

Original Intent For Education In America

Satan Has Taken Off His Mask

Living Spiritually

Stand Firm On the Word of God

How Faith Conquers Fear

The War of Good vs. Evil

God’s Interventions Throughout History

A Message From Jason Whitlock

Identity Politics – Part 2

Identity Politics – Part 1

The Division In America Explained

Letters From The Revolutionary War

Understanding These Turbulent Times

The Enemy’s Deception Seen Today

Satan’s Attack on The Church

Defeating The Enemy

God’s Word Brings Life

Memory Is A Gift

The Need For Image Bearers In Christ

Miracle Mondays: Patriot’s Day

A War On History

God’s Hand On Our Nation

Quit Living In Idolatry

The Church Is God’s Instrument

A Revolution Of Morality

Revival And Reform

Complete Your Assignment

The Axis Of Evil

Miracle Mondays: The Star-Spangled Banner

America Needs More Prayer

History Of The National Day Of Prayer

Creation’s Magnificence Revealed

Be People Of Inquiry

God’s Love

The Character and Nature Of God

Miracle Mondays: Gifted

God’s Presence Through Miracles

Who Decides Morality

Discern The Lies Of The World

The Bias In Separation of Church And State

Applying Your God-Given Talents – Part 2

Applying Your God-Given Talents – Part 1

How To Construct A Christian Worldview

Perfecting Your Worldview

Defend What You Believe

Miracle Mondays: The Battle of Trenton

Understanding Christianity As A Worldview

Why America Is Broken

Freedom From The World’s System

Charlie Kirk: Turning Point USA – Part 2

Charlie Kirk: Turning Point USA – Part 1

Elimination of Prayer in School

Attempts To Rewrite Our Foundation

Political Radicalism

Man’s Attempt To Be Closer To God

The New Atheist Movement

The Constitution’s True Purpose

Divisions of the World Today

A Transformed Perspective

The Origins Of Truth And Light

Being Missionaries For Our World

God’s Plan For All Generations

Laws Rooted In Religious Tradition

God’s Law of Nature

Social Unrest In These Times

A Powerful Promise

The Roots Of Our Republic

God’s Blessing Over All Nations

Keeping Our Leaders Accountable

The Standards Put in Place for Freedom

The Antichrist Prophecy

Spiritual Exousia And Dunamis

Addressing The Destruction of Borders

Institute The Victory

Serving With All of Your Heart

Days of Great Flooding

America’s Most Critical Times

Engaging in the Government Process

Destroying The Works of Darkness

An Ensuing Kingdom Advancement

Freedom Is Not Free

Evil Ideologies

The Irony Of Progressivism

A Lighthouse To The World

God’s Perseverance

A Mission To Change the World

Nations Have Boundaries For A Reason

Truth Always Trumps Propaganda

Kingdom Warfare

Walk In Love

Walk In Wisdom

The Crisis Before The Awakening

God’s Plan vs. Our Plan

The Seeds of Cultural Socialism Are Planted

We Are At War

Reviving Our Community

Speaking Hope Into The New Year

Your Savior Is Born

Worldly Possessions Will Cause Suffering

Utilizing Our God-Given Authorities

Prophets To The Nations

Nations Are God’s Instruments

Improving Our Political Climate

Voices of Praise on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and The Story of Squanto

The Birth of The Mayflower Compact

The Pilgrim’s Failed Attempt At Socialism

Evidence That Socialism Does Not Work

Socialism In America Is Growing

Remember, Repent, and Return

Prayer Impacts Our Freedom

A Divided Nation Cannot Stand

Reflecting on the Election Results

Election Day 2020

The Eve of Election Day

What Is At Stake If We Do Not Vote

Why Christians Need to Vote

How One Vote Can Make A Difference

What You Need to Know When You Vote

Get Out And Vote

The Importance of The 2020 Election

America’s Great Commission

The Responsibility of Citizens

What The Right To Property Really Means

The Role of Self-Government

A Revival That Will Stir Hearts

The America God Wants to Create

Only Repentance Can Restore The Nation

The Awakening That America Needs

A Nationwide Repentance

The Spiritual Precedents Of America

The Precedents Our Founding Fathers Set

America’s Mission

America’s Spiritual Heritage

Christian Presuppositions

The Power of Presuppositions

Be Careful About How You Form Your Worldview

Ideas Have Consequences

How Beliefs and Ideas Affect Us

The Foundation History Laid For Us

What Are Our Inalienable Rights?

We Must Preserve Our Freedoms

The Radical Effect of a Biblical Worldview

Calling Out the Deception in America

The Importance of Prayer

Truth: The Foundation of Our Narratives

Biblical Roots of the Constitution

Using our Biblical Worldview as a Weapon

The Call to Redeem Cultures

Lex Rex: Law Is King

The Spirit of Anarchy

Developing a Biblical Worldview

Understanding Biblical Worldview

America’s Biblical Foundations