Extra with Doug Hardy
Extra with Doug Hardy
Get Out of Here Charlie Brown!

Get out here Charlie Brown! A School censors a “Charlie Brown Christmas” poster.

Dedra Shannon, a staffer at Patterson Middle School in Killeen, Texas, was so inspired by the scene in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, when Linus stands on a stage and recites a passage from the Holy Bible describing the Christmas story, that she decided to use images to decorate the door to the nurse’s office.

The decorations included a picture of Linus, the scrawny Christmas tree and that classic passage of dialogue about the true meaning of the holiday.

The decorations were installed on December 5. On December 7, Ms. Shannon was confronted by the school’s principal and told she needed to take the poster because it violated the US Constitution.

Today Doug also talks about the unseen misery of Christmas. Tim Thornborough, in a post, talks about how we’ve been fooled into thinking that our happiness at Christmas is to do with the things we have, rather than the people we are with.

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