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Mutual Understanding Couples’ Conference

Gary Moore, the host of the Couples’ Conference, has been coaching couples for over 16 years.  In his own words:

“In my own case, and in the case of most couples I’ve worked with, we’ve never been taught how to ‘do relationship’. It’s not that we wouldn’t do what we need to do to have a great marriage – we don’t know what to do. And, it’s very painful and difficult to learn what to do in the midst of trouble.

I’ve committed myself to teaching and inspiring others before they encounter major issues. But, I also coach those who are in the midst of “issues.” I utilize a methodology that I call Mutual Understanding Method®. This straight forward, common sense approach weaves scripture and psychological research together.”

Hear more insight from Gary at the upcoming Couples’ Conference.


Sep 15 - 16 2023


6:30 pm