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Adventures in Odyssey Summer Road Trip

The Adventures in Odyssey Club Summer Road Trip Activities Packet is your child’s guide to brain-engaging, faith-building, and kid-friendly entertainment this summer! With over 20 activities, games, and puzzles, this packet is designed to help your child grow in their faith, learning, and creativity. All they’ll need is a pencil, maybe some crayons, and a hunger for fun!

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We know you want to pass your faith down to your child, but often it’s hard to find something entertaining that they enjoy and that you feel comfortable allowing them to explore freely. The Adventures in Odyssey Club is the perfect mix of both … and now in a new award-winning app! On the app they can download episodes to listen to, watch funny and faith-friendly videos, and learn all about the town of Odyssey! With hours of biblically based audio dramas that encourage creativity and imagination, the Club is the perfect companion for road trips and learning at home. Cultivate your child’s faith now so they will stick with it … even when the rubber hits the road!

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Jun 01 2023 - Aug 31 2023