Extra with Doug Hardy
Extra with Doug Hardy
Chris and Debbie Clark, Children of the Nations

cotni2Chris and Debbie Clark founded Children of the Nations (COTN) in 1995. Today, Children of the Nations is working in the USA, Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda and most recently in Haiti to provide care for orphaned and destitute children. Children of the Nations, through funding primarily from child sponsorship and individual donations, operates homes, schools, farms, skill centers, clinics, and village feeding centers in an effort to provide quality care for our children. Each country office is established with an individual mission-based, nonprofit organization and is recognized among reputable Christian charities.

From the initial desire in 1995 to help children in Africa by “rescuing” them from their despair, to today—creating a family for each child—Children of the Nations has come so far. In 1995, Children of the Nations was started with a vision, and a monthly budget of $300. Today, Children of the Nations is a worldwide movement of people—over 400 US and international staff, tens of thousands of volunteers, an annual budget of more than $7 million, and a family that has grown to help thousands of children annually in Africa and the Caribbean.

Learn more about Children of the Nations at cotni.org