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Heritage Bible Radio
Can Your Faith Save You? Pt. 3

Heritage Bible Radio is a Ministry of Heritage Bible Church where Jim Harris is the teaching pastor. You can join Jim each weekday at 4 am, 8:30 am, and on Sunday at 7:15 am. Every day Jim works to devote his radio time to some portion of the Word of God so you can know God and serve him better.


This week on Heritage Bible Radio, we continue in the second chapter of James, beginning with verse 14. “What us is it my brethren if someone says he has faith, but he has no works?” That is the question we’ll begin to tackle this week, and it’s a big question.

There’s been a lot of misunderstanding and ink spilled debating what it means. Our hope is that we can share with you the clear meaning, according to the most important source: the immediate context and what scripture teaches everywhere concerning the relationship between faith and works. It’s not really complicated, it’s just been unnecessarily confused. Does your faith become visible in the way you live? That consideration is the first step in understanding the passage.

We hope your understanding of scripture will be reinforced as you listen in today and the rest of this week.


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