Extra with Doug Hardy
Extra with Doug Hardy
Are you 65...Well You Are NOT Done!

Are you doing okay with your Christmas festivites? Do have a Tree? Are you getting a tree? Do you have your lights up? Are you putting your lights up? What about the Santa debate? Do you want Santa do be apart of Christmas? How much money should you spend on presents this year? What presents are you getting this year?

There are a lot of pressures during the Christmas season. Today, Doug talks about how the stress we have during the Christmas season may be a barometer of how we are living the rest of the year. If we are giving all year long and taking care of those in need, should we feel guilty about what’s under the tree on Christmas? Or even what’s not under the tree?

Neil Diamond is on his on 50th Anniversary Tour. Here’s a 75 year old man who is out doing what God has gifted him to do. Retirement in America is so often viewed as a time to stop and simply play cards or golf all day. In America we created a culture of disdain towards the older generation. This attitude is even in the Church. Do we walk into a Church with a silver haired congregation and think about the many years of experience they can offer or do we scoff and think we can’t connect with them.

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