The Gospel for Life
The Gospel for Life
A Conversation about Pentecost - Part 4

The Pastors continue looking through the Christian calendar and move from Ascension Day to Pentecost, taking place fifty days after Christ’s resurrection. The day of Pentecost means a lot more than just a spot on the calendar, even today, thousands of years later, Christians are still debating on how to interpret this very significant day. Join the Pastors for this special series on how to weave through the complicated interpretations of Pentecost.

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Join a group of Treasure Valley pastors, all committed to showing that the Gospel is not just for the religious part of your life. Rather, it is for all of life. Tune in Monday through Friday at 8 am to Josh Bales, Russell Herman, Jonathan Van Hoogen, and the occasional guest, as they teach you how to make the Gospel the forefront of your life!

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