Game Plan For Life
Game Plan For Life
10 Social Muscles With Jon Strain: #5 Energy

Skip is in with Jon Strain talking about Social Muscle #5 – Energy. In other words, ‘what builds your energy?’ and ‘what depletes your energy?’. Often we can see pastors, who are in the ministry for years, all of sudden get burnt out and feel the need to step down from their ministry. This is very likely due to a lack of proper energy management. We need times of stress to grow and learn but we also need times of refueling and a chance to recover from the stress.

Skip and Jon are in a series called Exercising 10 Social Muscles:

  1. Noticing People
  2. Rapport
  3. Listening
  4. Questions
  5. Energy

Skip and Jon are sharing these social muscles in order to help you in your business and even be a better witness for Christ.