Game Plan For Life
Game Plan For Life
10 Social Muscles with Jon Strain: #6 Common Ground

Skip is in with Jon Strain talking about Social Muscle #6 – Common Ground. Common Ground is pay dirt. Pay dirt is the dirt that is cultivated into soil that produces a crop and Common Ground is the social “pay dirt”. When you reach out and make a connection, often you have no idea what relationship you may have with that person. Common ground is a shared interest or experience that can allow for a deeper and more meaningful connection with someone.

Skip and Jon are in a series called Exercising 10 Social Muscles:

  1. Noticing People
  2. Rapport
  3. Listening
  4. Questions
  5. Energy
  6. and Today, Common Ground

Skip and Jon are sharing these social muscles in order to help you in your business and even be a better witness for Christ.