Game Plan For Life
Game Plan For Life
10 Social Muscles with Jon Strain: #10 Remembering

Skip is in with Jon Strain talking about Social Muscle #10 – Remembering

Do we make it a point to remember? How about taking the time to honor a friend, family member or a loved one? This act of remembering or honoring can keep people coming back and even make them excited to see us!

Skip and Jon are in a series called Exercising 10 Social Muscles:

  1. Noticing People
  2. Rapport
  3. Listening
  4. Questions
  5. Energy
  6. Common Ground
  7. Deposits of Trust and Respect
  8. Likability
  9. Truth Bearing
  10. Remembering

Skip and Jon are sharing these social muscles in order to help you in your business and even be a better witness for Christ.

10 Social Muscles with Jon Strain: #9 Truth Bearing