Abide in Truth
Abide in Truth
Vote Pt. 4

Abide in Truth is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Emmett and listeners can tune in every weekday at 10:30 am and again at 5:45 pm. Mike Hughes is the teaching pastor at CC Emmett and each week he looks to go through God’s Word, book by book and chapter by chapter. We are currently going through the book of Romans in a series entitled Amazing Grace. So grab your Bible, turn up the volume and follow along with us.

Episode Summary

Today, Pastor Mike begins teaching out of Romans 13, which is a chapter that covers information about submitting to governing authorities and to the law of the country. Although this sermon was recorded near the time of the last presidential election, it still has very relevant perspectives on how to gracefully and Biblically submit to the government. Such times of political tension and times of big decision remind us that no matter what is happening in our country, we should not be looking to politics to solve all of the world’s issues, but we should be turning our eyes up to the Lord for wisdom and guidance.


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