Heritage Bible Radio
Heritage Bible Radio
Jesus in His Glory Pt. 6

Heritage Bible Radio is a Ministry of Heritage Bible Church where Jim Harris is the teaching pastor. You can join Jim each weekday at 4 am, 8:30 am, and on Sunday at 7:15 am. Every day Jim works to devote his radio time to some portion of the Word of God so you can know God and serve him better.


This week on Heritage Bible Radio, we are continuing what we started last week: a verse-by-verse study through the book of Revelation. Now this week, Pastor Jim will finish the introduction of the book’s introduction, which is chapter 1. Now we mentioned last week that although this book intimidates many people and has been the subject of numerous fanciful interpretations, it can be interpreted and understood using sound biblical principles of interpretation. Revelation is a highly structured book, and it begins with an introduction of its contents and an introduction of its author, the risen Jesus Himself. It is that magnificent introductory vision that will be the focus of this week’s message.


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