Bread of Life
Bread of Life
God Story & Ours Pt. 1


If you were sharing the Good News with someone and they said to you, “I am not interested in religion,” how would you respond? Or, if a very religious person came to you who was of another faith and asked you, “What place has religion in your life?” or “What does religion mean to you?” how would you answer? Our lesson today begins with Pastor Joel’s answer to just such a question in the home of an educated family in Northern India. God is inviting us into Himself, and our answers to others should rise out of that invitation.

Today, Pastor Joel Van Hoogen takes listeners through several verses of John 17.


Bread of Life is a ministry of Joel Van Hoogen and the Bread of Life Fellowship in Boise. You can tune in each weekday at 12:00 pm to listen.

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