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Look Up
What Does the Bible Say About Divorce and Remarriage

Episode Summary

On today’s show, Mike and Linda continue with their new series called Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage. Once again, special guest Jeff Brown, from Grace for Divorce, is in the studio with the Sassos to cover the topic of divorce and remarriage within a Christian context. These topics can often be controversial within the Christian church, but the Sassos and Jeff Brown are here to give a truly Biblical perspective on these two subjects.


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Look Up has expanded! Beginning in September, Look Up expanded to a 60-minute program. Mike and Linda are looking to compile a list of listener questions to answer now that they have more time to discuss such questions in depth. If you have any ideas for new topics or any questions about marriage, relationships, or life in general, contact the radio station or the Sassos. They are eager to hear from you! 

You can email them your suggestions and questions at:

pastormike@cceagle.org  ||  lindasasso@cceagle.org

You can also use one of the following contact methods to share your thoughts and ideas.


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